Terms & Conditions"
Thank you so much for choosing Peru Best Treks.
The terms and conditions established in this agreement constitute the understanding and agreement between you as "Participant" of the trip and P.B.T. By submitting a reservation form and signing this agreement, you accept all the terms of this agreement and indicate that we perform services on your behalf. All participants named in this booking are subject to this agreement. By signing this agreement, you affirm that you are informed or have informed all the Participants of the group, about every detail listed in this booking.

Deposits and final payment:
A deposit of a percentage of 25% of the total cost is required at the booking time. The final payment you will do on a specific date, which indicates the page of trip information. If your reservation is made after the due date, the balance must be paid the total cost of the trip once the trip is confirmed.

Booking condition
The conditions of the Policy of booking holidays with P.B.T are: After seeing the cost, inclusion & exclusion service about each adventure program that we show clearly on our website. Our clients should make a 25% deposit of the total cost of the trip (tour, multi-day treks & climbing expeditions). The reservation must be strictly 50 days before starting the trip. The balance will be paid in cash, once you arrive at Huaraz, strictly 48 hours before beginning the Expedition, the pre-departure briefing is a perfect time.

Please understand the pre-deposit is necessary to book our staff in advance and purchase entrance fee tickets or permits for day tours, multi-day treks, and climbing expeditions. Even to book in advance as hotels for accommodation and bus tickets for the respective transfers.

Local payment - final balance: we ask you to pay your final balance in cash (US dollars). Once you arrive at Huaraz, the perfect time is the briefing section at least 48 hours before the tours, trekking or climbing expedition departure, (report if you have any delay in arrival).

Note: If you pay in Peruvian soles, the exchange rate of the day will be applied. Which is variable.

You can book a space for day tours, multi-day treks or climbing expeditions by completing the online reservation form and submitting the trip deposit. Sending the booking form is not final until you send us the voucher of the pre-payment made, as soon as we receive the deposit voucher, and after taking the money from the Peruvian bank, we will confirm & validate your trip with our company.

Please understand: in the cost of the program is not included extra expenses as the cost of evacuation in emergency cases or when someone of the group desists while is on the expedition, caused by illness, altitude sickness, some accident or incident caused by own will or negligent act during the journey.

Easy booking
Quick & easy communication: all emails are always replied as soon as possible.
We have online chat services, WhatsApp, Messenger you may also contact us through Skype (ID - ------). Just write on our booking chart or in otherwise send us an email that makes communication with us easy and personal. (See booking form).
It is necessary and important to send us all the requirements at the booking time: Download the reservation form or order by mail.

Reservation forms. You can book a day hike, multi-day trek or climbing expedition by completing the online booking form or getting via mail + making a 25% deposit of the total price of the journey. After depositing, Please send us the pre-payment transaction voucher followed by the booking form completely filled via email or Whatsapp. The voucher should be scanning or photographed, but you should avoid sending it via fax).

After receiving the email with a scanned or photographed voucher, we will approach the local bank to cash out the deposit, if we cash out successfully without any problems, we will confirm and validate your trip with P.B.T for the scheduled date via email. Besides, we will send you a file in PDF, about the trip arranged with fully detailed information.

Paying System
After checking our price to visit Peru, the travelers or travel companies have to make the wire transactions to Peruvian Bank. The Payments may be made by credit card through our online merchant service, via western union. It’s not included bank commission of the deposit from passenger’s country in each trip program.

0ption 01: when you agree to make your deposit in our savings account, we will send you our savings account and mane of the bank of Peru. but in this way you are subject to pay a commission of bank transaction in your country (we don’t know how much will you pay) + transaction payment of receiving money in our country, which is 25 % more of the real deposit, that is the reason we will add 25 % more in the trip cost that you are subject to pay.

Option 01: when you deposit using western union, you can make it from any western union agent and send the money, (at the time you make your deposit, you will pay a symbolic amount for bank transaction commission, which is beneficial for you, because will not generate extra expenses to your pocket)

It is important at the transaction time, you will receive a transaction code (MTCN CODE), which will appear in the Voucher, that code is very important that we know. As soon as we receive your email with the transaction Voucher, confirming your pre-payment, including the transaction code, we will approach the bank in Huaraz with that code to cash out the pre-payment, as soon as we successfully cash out the money, we will send you an email confirming and validating your trip with P.B.T for the scheduled date.

Peru Best Treks: it is clear and understandable to offer their services as qualified professionals and mountain guides under legal conditions; we are not responsible for accidents, diseases, and damages, losses, caused by natural disasters or weather conditions. Additional expenses that may be generated by client poor physical condition, intoxication, terrorism, social conflicts (strikes), personal, family or medical emergencies. Any other irregularity, which may be caused by your own voluntary or your negligent act and by any other circumstance beyond our control.

Please understand, any day hikes, multi-day treks or climbing expeditions not performed correctly due to the listed incidents above cannot be refunded. Refunds will not be awarded for any unused portion of a tour once the tour begins, even if you abandon a trip for any reason or have to be removed from the expedition. The price and duration of a trip will never change once you are registered or booked. Payments are not refundable for itinerary changes or temporary closure. However if a travel destination can be canceled due to circumstances beyond our control due to weather conditions, terrain conditions, which commonly happens in mountain climbing. Which will be announced in advance, in those circumstances we will offer a plan B - an option for climbing another safer summit for our safety and of our client to don't exposed anyone to the danger, without cost increase, with the same date & trip length.

Note: in mountain climbing, the guide will have the last decision to pursue or desist, depending on three factors as weather conditions (wind, snow or fog), terrain factor (mountain conditions) and finally human factor (experience level, physical condition and technical preparation of the client), all those that are not safe for the correct fulfillment of our goal. In case the expedition decides to go back (desist) due to the circumstances that we wrote above, we will not refund any amount of money because the expedition has already commenced.

Trip cancellations & trip balance refunds
To cancel your reservation, you must send us your written request via email at info@perubesttreks.com specifying the reasons why you want to cancel your booked trip. Cancellation fees per person will be applied according to the general cancellation program, depending on the date we receive your written and verbal notification:

If you announce your cancellation with 35 -30 days, prior to the group arrival, you will have a penalty of a refund of only 10% of the pre-payment. However, in another hand, if you announce the trip cancelation From 29 - 0 days, the penalty will be with non-refund of prepayment made due to the staff reservation in advance as (guides, porters, cooks, and muleteers).
Booking in advance of complementary services like local transport, hotel for accommodation and purchase of bus tickets to travel Lima - Huaraz - Lima.
Office expenses such as phone calls, internet, commissions, bank transactions, etc.

Changes by the client:
If you modify your itinerary, once your trip booking has been confirmed, we will apply an additional charge because our external providers as hotels and transportation companies often impose additional fees for changes and cancellations. These are included in the exchange rate and can be substantial.

Travel insurance
The price of the travel package does not include any type of travel insurance. All journeys with PERU BEST TREKS requires that you have your travel insurance. For your security, we recommend the purchase of travel insurance before undertaking an adventure program in the Peruvian Andes. Travel insurance covers the costs of trip cancellation or interruption, travel delay, medical expenses, emergency assistance, rescue, repatriation, and luggage delay coverage to protect your financial investment. You will have time to provide us your travel insurance voucher before beginning the expedition.

Final Travel Information
You will receive a file in PDF, which will contain all the final details of the tour or expedition. That information will be provided strictly with 2 - 3 weeks before the trip start.

Thank you for choosing Peru Best Treks.
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